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Tube Feeding Travel Tips

It's go time!

Travel Checklist

  • Enough formula and pump feeding bags to last the entire trip, plus extra to account for any travel delays
  • Syringes for water flushes and medications
  • Bottled water
  • Back-up feeding tube
  • Extension sets for those with a low-profile gastrostomy tube (button)
  • Gauze/tape for tube site care
  • For nasogastric tubes (NGTs), supplies to confirm correct placement of the tube
  • Feeding pump, charger, backpack
  • For patients who use a feeding pump, include a gravity bag for emergency use
  • A cooler with ice packs to keep formula cool during travel
If you have any questions, please contact us at 866-883-1188

Air Travel Reminders

  • Delays are common during the holidays and other busy travel times, so make sure to have extra formula and supplies
  • Carry on needed supplies and formula
  • Make sure feeding pump is charged and bring a gravity feeding bag as back-up

Download the Travel Checklist

Download English Checklist   Download Spanish Checklist