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ENFit® Connectors

It’s Time to Transition to the ENFit® Connector!

Pump and feeding supply manufacturers are making an industry change to how feeding tubes, bags, and pumps are connected to each other. The new ENFit® connectors, created as a result of a worldwide safety initiative by The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), are designed to reduce misconnections to other non-enteral devices and improve patient safety.

Instead of pushing a syringe or the end of a feeding bag into the opening of a tube, you will now twist both ends of the connection to form a secure connection. This ensures that formula, medication, or fluids do not accidentally get infused into the wrong place. If a patient accidentally receives a tube feeding formula in the wrong line, it can be harmful, or in some cases, even fatal.

Since the ENFit connector design is specific for enteral feeding, all brands of tubes, syringes, feeding bags, and extension sets will be changing. In fact, many hospitals have already converted to using ENFit for their patients. By mid-summer 2022, feeding pump companies will no longer provide the adapters on the end of pumps and gravity bag sets that have been used to allow patients to continue to connect to non-ENFit tubes.

  • Legacy Standard Pump Feeding Bag

    Legacy Standard Pump Feeding Bag
  • New ENFit® Pump Feeding Bag

    New Enfit Pump Feeding Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Pump and Gravity Feeding bags will now only be ENFit compatible. The transitional adaptor that has been attached to the end of the feeding bags will no longer come with every feeding bag

  • Feeding pump and gravity bags will no longer come with a white tipped adaptor at the end of the tubing.
  • If you have an ENFit tube or use ENFit extension sets, you will simply remove or “twist-off” the white tipped adaptor.
  • If you DO NOT have an ENFit tube, Aveanna Medical Solutions will include a transitional adaptor in your monthly delivery, that will allow you connect, for a period of time.
  • For those of you that that have a low-profile gastrostomy tube (Button), you will start to receive ENFit extension sets and syringes.

The ENFit feeding bags will no longer have the “white-tipped adaptor” on the end of the pump feeding bag tubing. Also, instead of inserting the adaptor straight into the tube, you will connect it using a twisting motion.