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Enteral Nutrition for Adults and Children

Aveanna: The Right Choice for Enteral Nutrition

At Aveanna Healthcare Medical Solutions we have always focused on serving the tube feeding community and feel humbled that we are able to play a role in helping you thrive at home. We strive to be the best by bringing you the most appropriate selection to fit your specific needs backed by personal service and people who truly care about you and your family.

How We Support Our Patients

  • We have a large selection of nutritional formulas – more than 200 – along with supplies, and feeding pumps.
  • A Registered Dietitian, Registered Nurse and technician provides education on how to use a feeding pump and other supplies, either in the hospital or in the comfort of your home. Yes, we have bilingual staff available!
  • Our team of Registered Dietitians is available to answer your questions about which formula is right for you.
  • A Registered Nurse will follow up with you or your loved one to answer any question about tube feeding.
  • Nursing and technical help is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Feeding supplies are delivered to your front door at no additional charge.
  • A specialist is available to help verify insurance eligibility and obtain authorizations for needed supplies.
  • We are contracted with various Medicare and Medicaid plans, and many commercial insurances.

We offer a wide selection of supplies for tube feeding, including:

  • Portable Feeding Pumps
  • Pump Feeding Bags
  • Back-up Feeding Tubes
  • Syringes, Tape, and Dressings
  • Bolus and Continuous Feeding Extension Sets
  • IV Poles
  • Feeding Pump Backpacks

Nutritional Formula

Getting the right formula can make all the difference in your health. Our team of Registered Dietitians is here to help when you have questions about your formula and how much you need to meet your nutritional needs, or to provide ideas on how to tailor your feeding plan to meet your lifestyle.

We offer a wide variety of pediatric and adult formulas from trusted companies like Abbott, Nestle, Mead Johnson, Nutricia, Kate Farms, Functional Formularies and Real Food Blends.

Availability of formula may vary from state to state.

Oral Nutrition Supplements

When you or a loved one needs additional calories and protein to promote healing, increase weight, or just to feel better, choosing the right oral nutrition supplements can make a difference. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all formula; that’s why we have a large selection to choose from, such as PediaSure, Boost Kids Essentials, Ensure, Kate Farms, Duocal, Benecalorie, and Liquigen.

The World’s Most Kid-Friendly Feeding Solution!

The cutest solution to carrying your feeding pump.

Any feeding pump can easily be placed in our customized backpacks.

  • Custom backpack.
  • Custom backpack.
  • Custom backpack.

How We Care for Our Patients


Our Registered Dietitians and Nurse pediatric specialists are here to help make the transition to tube feeding as smooth as possible. Our nursing team provides additional education and support right from the beginning and up until you and your child are at home and feel comfortable with tube feeding.

For those patients and families that have formula questions or need more in-depth nutritional advice, our Registered Dietitians are available to assist. We work closely with your doctor and can make formula, calorie, and protein recommendations to help children achieve proper growth and nutrition. In addition, our customer service team can help assist with your feeding supply needs and complete the necessary insurance forms so you have the right supplies you need at home to care for your child.


When eating a normal diet is not enough, having a feeding tube can be life-sustaining. Our Aveanna team of Registered Dietitians and Nurses will provide that extra level of education, support, and comfort for you and your loved ones. We can help with instruction on how to care for your tube and what formula is best, and we’ll coordinate all of this with your doctor.

Our Registered Dietitians can assist with determining what is the best formula for you, and they will follow up on a regular basis to make sure you are meeting your nutritional goals at home.

For questions about products, deliveries, or equipment pickup, please contact our medical solutions customer service line at 866-883-1188.

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